Tasha Snow


Currently, I am a postdoctoral research in the Mines Glaciology Laboratory within the Colorado School of Mines Deparment of Geophysics. I am research scientist working to better understand high latitude ocean and glacier changes and how they will impact the planet. My current work focuses on how oceans interact with glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica, and I am developing new ways to apply satellite thermal infrared imagery to study these systems. I specialize in remote sensing, machine learning, cloud-computing, and have extensive oceanographic and glaciological field experience. In my past life, I also conducted research that included paleoceanography in polar regions, biogeochemistry, and phytoplankton ecology and genetics, so I have cross-cutting expertise and an interdisciplinary research perspective.

Aside from my research interests, I am a veteran of the US Navy and am passionate about helping academics develop effective leadership skills, having taught multiple leadership-building workshops for graduate students and postdocs. I also enjoy public speaking and outreach about climate change, and have interests in science policy. You can explore this in the sidebar.


Email: tsnow@mines.edu
Github: https://github.com/tsnow03